Ayurvedic bee honey

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BEST FOODS ayurvedic honey is formed as the sales and marketing arm of the non-for –profit Bee keeping association, Bee Resource Protection Center, (BRPC) Hanthana. The company forms with the industrialists who represent the Ayurveda, Agriculture and social development sectors. The vacuum created in Sri Lankan Bee honey Industry was our goal and with untiring efforts, it could be filled with the time. We aimed the highest qualities of bee honey industries in the globe and sailing towards that direction, while strengthening the local Bee Honey producing families. When we enter in to the industry, there were no any private company who produce with a value chain, but now it’s unveiling with our commitments and effort.³

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Our first target is to make the country self-sufficient from Bee Honey and then winning the globe with Pure Ceylon Bee Honey and allied product range. While various department s and the private companies importing Bee Honey from various locations, the viral and other diseases enter into the Island which damage the Bees who pollinate plants. There won’t be any living creature on earth if pollination seize. Therefore we are drawing a story of the greener and cleaner Sri Lanka with this meritorious project.

Bees in Sigiriya rock fortress, frequently attacked the tourists are a species known Apis dorsata referred to as ‘Bambara’ in Sinhala. Those are able to manage with our teams, and we could safely remove a number of dorsata colonies, from populated locations, including the Temple Trees.

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